Besides services of port handling and forwarding, our company provides following logistics services:

Railway forwarding through Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and nearby countries, in wagons of the shipper or along with providing empty wagons for delivery. Thanks to multi-year experience in working with state railway administrations of SMGS countries, our company has a possibility of opening of new ways of delivery of cargo by railway, including experience in obtaining railway discounts and special services for the new routes.

International or intra-ukrainian auto truck cargo deliveries, in lots from 50 to 5000 mt, with possible usage of flatbed, tented, refrigerated, liquid or other specialized types of auto trucks.



Danube river freight, with possibility of usage of vessels of all flags of countries, which take part in Danube commission, thanking to wide network of contracts and connections with tens of big and small vessel owners, working on river freight market.

Sea freight. Our company can offer freight rates, which can satisfy experienced customers not only in price but also in minimum arrival and delivery time on the Black Sea and all over the world.


  • By entrusting us with the search for the optimal route for the transportation of your cargo, you will get an experienced and reliable partner in us, optimal cost of transportation in a multimodal deliveries, shortest possible delivery time and full safety of the cargo along the entire route of transportation, processing or transshipment from the shipper to the recipient.
  • To use the services of our company or to apply for a calculation of the cost of services, or to simply contact us on any question – use the form on the website or contact us using the convenient contact information.